This online 5-session Leadership Series is foundational for great leadership but also, the foundation for an extraordinary organization and a high quality personal life.

This Series is taken from the full semester course Being A Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model.

$100 USD: Academics (Faculty, Doctoral Students and Students)

$200 USD: Non-academics

Participants in the CCL Program: No Cost


The Friday Series

Every Friday, 10 July – 7 August

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
(New York City, NY, USA, Eastern Time)

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The Saturday Series

Every Saturday, 11 July – 8 August

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
(New York City, NY, USA, Eastern Time)

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Note: These two Series run concurrently. Therefore if your schedule fluctuates over this period, you are welcome to attend either the Friday or the Saturday session as is convenient for you.
You do not need to have completed the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course in order to attend this series.