Madden, Bartley, Value Creation Principles, Wiley, 2020. Quoting Madden, “This relates to the ontological / phenomenological performance developed by Werner Erhard and his colleagues and discussed in Chapter 3.  Their model focuses on language and conversations to change how the world occurs for people (perceptions) thereby opening up new possibilities for action…This model is gaining worldwide attention and is packaged as course material for classroom use…to assist academic institutions in equipping students for on-the-court experiences of being a leader that utilize a much improved understanding of how our worldviews automatically shape our perceptions. The foundation for this approach resides in an awareness of how our brains function in constraining the future to be tightly linked to our past experiences so that one’s being and acting is synchronized to the predicted future. To achieve breakthrough performance, leaders need to creatively transform the current context, enabling others to aspire to a far different future.”