“Of the more than 30 leadership symposia and retreats I have attended, the course is by far and away the most powerful and insightful in revealing for you—in your own life experience—what it means to be a leader and to exercise leadership effectively.”

Wiley W. “Chip” Souba
Former Dean, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth



“I have been involved in a couple of long workshops with non-economists recently, in Kenya with architects and construction CEO’s, with environmental leaders in MT, and recently in south Florida with PHD ecologists and the like, and the entire structure of my talks and presentations has been altered significantly and importantly by your training last summer at the Mays School of Business, College Station, TX. The impact has been profound and I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me. It has helped me personally and professionally in myriad and powerful ways.”

Robert E. McCormick
Dean of College of Business, Clemson University

I found the course material to be intellectually challenging and pragmatic, while at the same time inspirational and visionary. I work with senior leaders of  large organizations, and in my estimation the material presented in the course augments any currently available sophisticated leadership training. Whether you are a new student of leadership in any area of life, or a seasoned global leader, this course will inspire new vistas of possibility for your natural leadership expression.”


Laura Basha, Ph.D.
Organizational Psychologist


“I served in the U.S. Air Force for 27 years and retired as a Colonel. The military embraced leadership training as a critical key to mission success. So when I attended this leadership course, I had already attended many leadership courses. Nothing I had experienced was like this leadership course. It gave me access to all of my leadership skills. I did not have to remember rules on “how to be a leader” nor did I have to ask myself what would a leader do—I found myself taking leadership actions naturally. At the end of the course, I became free to express myself as a leader and it was a natural extension of myself. I was so impressed with the results in all areas of my leadership that I recommended the course to our highest level of leadership. In my experience, this is the leadership course that takes the individual and the whole organization to new heights—with it they can achieve what they thought was not possible.”

Colonel (Ret) Pamela Stevenson
US Air Force, JAG

“After years of considering myself a very good leader and having lots of evidence that this is the case, I have discovered…that I have, in fact, been full of it about being a leader and have, in some really critical ways, failed to provide real leadership to my organization… The course pierced through my arrogance and has shaken me up and dropped me out into an entire new world of leadership. I am very, very grateful.”

Sanford Robbins
Chairperson, University of Delaware Department of Theatre


“If you participate in the course, I promise that you will create new and exciting possibilities in your work and personal life.”

Professor Richard V. De Mulder, LLM, MBA
Faculty of Law, Erasmus University

“My understanding of what is required of leaders, what leadership actually is, and the commitment required by leaders to actually lead has undergone a metamorphosis. I have removed large amounts of obstructions from my understanding of where I am as a leader, my leadership potential, and what is required of me to lead, not manage, individuals. It is not too much to say that I have a completely different view of my leadership, my realm of possibilities has been enormously expanded, and my confidence in myself to lead individuals in unfathomable circumstances has been restored.”

John Dolan
Cadet, US Air Force Academy

“Having graduated from the Simon School nearly 20 years ago… The course gave me a whole new perspective [and] a new set of tools on how to approach ‘people’ issues that leaders commonly face. It forced us to confront our own failings, weaknesses, and how to effectively address them on our own. Most importantly, at the core of the course was self-governance and personal integrity.

Mukul Kasliwal
Chairman, MW Corp Limited, Mumbai, India

“This course has altered the way of my future and the future of those around me. Thank you for the faith you put in us and for your consistency and determination to fulfill the promise of the course!”

Lt Col Annette Ortiz
Department of Behavioral Science & Leadership
United States Air Force Academy